ACCSEAS Second Annual Conference

Tuesday 04 March 2014

 2014 CONFERENCE: Evolving Navigation in the North Sea Region

 04 - 06 March, Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, UK.

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This event is free to attend.

The ACCSEAS Second Annual Conference builds on the success of the First ACCSEAS Annual Conference held in Germany, earlier this year. ACCSEAS continues to bring together a global audience to explore the implementation of the ACCSEAS e-Navigation test-bed services and present the latest findings and results of this engaging EU project focused on safe, efficient and accessible navigation of the North Sea Region.

Chaired by Rear Admiral Nick Lambert, previous Hydrographer of the Royal Navy, this conference will present and where possible, demonstrate the test-bed services and will be followed by lively and interactive panel discussions. 


All participants are invited to attend workshops on the second day to discuss the impact that these e-Navigation services will have on training, service provision and the wider logistics chain. 

Workshop 1:
The future of e-Navigation Training

Mr Anders Brödje, Senior Research Coordinator, Swedish Maritime Administration
Dr. Michael Baldauf, World Maritime University

This workshop will provide an overview of what e-Navigation training is available today, who is responsible for it and how it is provided. Participants will be encouraged to identify the current gaps in training and identify how best training could be offered and supported in the future.

Workshop 2:
Provision of e-Navigation Services in the future

Mr Mads Bentzen Billesø, Chief Officer, Danish Maritime Authority
Mr Thomas Christensen, Project Manager, Danish Maritime Authority

This workshop aims to present and understand the possible opportunities, risks and concerns linked to delivering future e-Navigation services and capture reactions from participants. It is also an opportunity to further discuss the concept of the Maritime Cloud, and what it means to service providers and users alike.

Workshop 3:

Beyond ACCSEAS: The wider logistics chain

Mr George Shaw, Principal Development Engineer, General Lighthouse Authorities UK & Ireland
Dr. Alan Grant, Principal Development Engineer, General Lighthouse Authorities UK & Ireland

This workshops aims to present and explore the wider impact and relevance of e-Navigation to North Sea Region ports and their inland logistics. Participants will be asked to discuss the potential impact upon, time, safety and cost efficiencies and the role that e-Maritime could play.

If you are interested in understanding the concept e-Navigation better and the benefits the ACCSEAS test-bed services offer, then please register.

Useful information

  • Dynamic Earth: Guests are given the option to attend a welcome reception and a brief tour of the venue on Day 2, taking you on a journey through our planet’s past, present and future before sitting down for a delicious evening meal.
  • The Falkirk Wheel: Day 3 offers a professional tour of this iconic and fascinating boat lift connecting two of Scotland’s canals. A boat ride taking you on the wheel will be available (weather permitting) and a talk will be given by the wheel’s engineer.
  • Getting to Edinburgh
  • Getting to Dynamic Earth
  • Recommended hotels

On arrival: you will be required to show photo ID when you arrive at the conference venue, Dynamic Earth 

Your luggage: for delegates arriving with luggage or any large items, a supervised area will be provided for all luggage situated next to the registration and lunch area. Only smaller items will be allowed in the conference room (laptop bags/handbags, tablets).

For security purposes: you will be given a lanyard to wear throughout the conference. (This is for security purposes, Dynamic Earth is a public building).  

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