Invitation: see e-Navigation solutions simulated live at SMM

ACCSEAS are pleased to invite you to meet our team and trial our prototype solutions for safe, efficient and sustainable maritime navigation, all on our stand at SMM in Hamburg, September 9-12.

You will be able to engage with a number of e-Navigation solutions developed by the partners in the ACCSEAS project, including:  

  • Tactical Route Exchange; a service that allows mariners to electronically communicate their intended routes to each other and VTS centres. It will also allow VTS centres to suggest the most efficient or safest route to a vessel.
  • Resilient PNT; a service that can automatically provide positioning information to an electronic chart on board a vessel if GPS fails, reducing the likelihood of a loss of position.
  • Augmented Reality HUD; a bridge tool ACCSEAS is developing that displays real time navigation information through augmented reality goggles.

You also have the opportunity to talk to prominent members of the ACCSEAS Project, including ACCSEAS Project Manager Dr. Alwyn Williams, Professor Günter Schmidt of Flensburg University of Applied Science and Stephan Procee, Senior Lecturer at Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz.

This is your chance to witness the potential future of maritime navigation while it is still in its early development, and engage with the potential solutions to maritime safety, accessibility and efficiency in the North Sea and beyond.

Stand number: Hall A1, Stand 520
More info:
Reserve a spot: Georgina Button, Communications Officer, ACCSEAS,

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