Press Releases

UK speeds ahead with rollout of eLoran stations to backup vulnerable GPS

Announcement of eLoran UK rollout - eLoran is one of the services which supports the ACCSEAS project's objectives

World’s first automatic back up for GPS successfully demonstrated in jamming trial

ACCSEAS demonstrates prototype resilient PNT system at sea to automatically step-in when GPS service fails

New research by ACCSEAS highlights growing safety concerns for North Sea shipping traffic

Based on expectations about the impact of areas of open sea being allocated for energy extraction (such as wind farms), ACCSEAS’ research suggests that the North Sea Region’s navigable space will be reduced which will have a significant impact on key shipping lanes in the North Sea Region.

ACCSEAS' First Annual Conference

Press release 21 Dec 2012

The first annual conference of the ACCSEAS (Accessibility for Shipping, Efficiency Advantages and Sustainability) project will examine how to address significant current and future issues which may impact on safe navigation in the North Sea and western Baltic Sea by pioneering safe regional access through the use of e-Navigation.

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