The below is an ongoing list of free-to-view publications produced in the ACCSEAS project. You can also see videos and view presentations made at the ACCSEAS conferences.

Service Descriptions for ACCSEAS Solutions

Below are detailed Service Description documents for the innovative e-Navigation solutions developed in ACCSEAS. Click on the service name to read more:

Also available is the S-100 Product Description for the Maritime safety Information / Notice to Mariners Service. Click here to read.

ACCSEAS Legacy Report (including the Sustainability Workplan)

Read the full report here.

Chapter 1 provides background to this document, describing the tasks of Work Package 8, the purpose of this document and clarifies the identified different levels of legacy of the ACCSEAS project: Organizational Legacy, Substantial Legacy and the Material Legacy.

Organizational Legacy

Because of the complexity of the e-Navigation concept and aware of the large variety of stakeholders involved, with their different interests and responsibilities, Section 2 and following explains the compelling need for a future NSR transnational coordination for the further development and implementation of e-Navigation and, as a legacy of ACCSEAS the proposed organizational aspects (including the justifications) on how to realize a regional collaboration with a description of the intended fora. The Terms of Reference of these fora are reflected in Annex B to this document.

Substantial Legacy

In Section 3 and following the Substantial legacy of ACCSEAS is given in its full extend covering the Work Packages 2 until 7, including the achievements on Publication and Communication (WP3), the results of research (WP3) in setting the Baseline and Priorities for the NSR, followed by the aspects on Architecture and Simulation and Training (WP4), a reflection of the performed tests and their results on Resilient PNT (WP5). After this the focus is on the work and tested the candidate solutions and summarizing their results (WP6). With every subject Future Work items have been indicated, which finally is categorized and numbered in Annex C to this report.  

Material Legacy

Section 4 describes the material legacy of ACCSEAS with specific subsections on the Geographic Information System for the NSR (GIS-NSR), Ship Positioning equipment and e-Navigation Services software.

Work plan 2020+

Finally Section 5 gives a number of considerations in respect on to organize the future work items after the project ends including a proposal on how to disseminate relevant work, results and legacy to international, regional organisations, administrations, competent authorities and other stakeholders.

ACCSEAS e-Navigation Architecture Report

This Report describes the ACCSEAS e-Navigation architecture for the North Sea Region (NSR) and beyond. It firstly elaborates the ACCSEAS candidate solutions which were introduced in the ‘ACCSEAS Baseline & Priorities Report'. Secondly, this Report addresses the place of the candidate solutions in regards to relevant pan-European initiatives. This in turn provides helpful insights for a future implementation of candidate solutions in the NSR, as being thereby now guided by the overarching international as well as pan-European concepts and strategies.
This report finally introduces system engineering design techniques used to further develop the candidate solutions towards implementation as well as simulation architectures, thus preparing the discussion of these topics in the ‘ACCSEAS Training Needs Analysis Report’ and in the ‘ACCSEAS Use of Simulators in e-Navigation Training and Demonstration Report,’ as appropriate.

Click here to read the report.

ACCSEAS Final Report

This document describes the test scenarios, test bed infrastructure and test results from the ACCSEAS project.  It gives the reader an understanding of the technical aspects of the tests, and allows them to appreciate the feedback that was received from the users of the solutions. The tests cover both real and simulated environments, each presenting different challenges to testing the services. The scenarios are designed to be as realistic as possible, whilst appreciating that the solutions present an innovative means of communication between the mariner and the shore or other ships.

Read the report here.

ACCSEAS Route Topology Model

This report details the Route Topology Model (RTM) as developed in the ACCSEAS project to describe ship movements and routes in the North Sea Region. The report covers both the generic RTM descriptions and specific instances for the North Sea Region.

Click here to read the report.

ACCSEAS Training Needs Analysis Report

This report is the final deliverable report for the research responsibilities under Work Package 4 of the ACCessibility for Shipping, Efficiency Advantages and Sustainability (ACCSEAS) research project and pertains to the Training Needs Analysis with respect to ACCSEAS candidate solutions. It is a compilation of the empirical research work undertaken for identifying the gaps in training pertaining to novel e-Navigation candidate solutions developed in the course of the ACCSEAS project.

Read the report

ACCSEAS Conference 2015

Navigating the North Sea Region into the Future
17 - 19 February 2015
Beurs WTC, Rotterdam

Read the conference report here and watch the conference videos here.

Demonstration Videos

ACCSEAS conducted demonstrations in a range of environments for a number of their potential solutions. These videos were premiered at the Final ACCSEAS Conference, 17-19 February 2015 and can be viewed in full here.

Use of Simulators in e-Navigation Training and Demonstrations Report

This report describes the status quo of training requirements and use of maritime simulators generally and the specific use of simulators within the ACCSEAS project over the period of developing and evaluating the so called “candidate solutions”, introduced in the “ACCSEAS Baseline and Priorities Report”.

Read the report.

R-Mode Feasibility Study

11/03/2014: Feasibility Study of R-Mode using MF DGPS Transmissions, read the report

5/5/2014: Feasibility Study of R-Mode using AIS Transmissions, read the report

28/8/2014: Feasibility Study of R-Mode using AIS Transmissions, read the report

25/09/2014: Feasibility Study of R-Mode combining MF DGNSS, AIS, and eLoran Transmissions, read the report

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